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Executive Training

Your Presentation Matters

What you say and how you deliver it really makes a difference. Whether you're an executive, a corporate communications, marketing, public relations or investor relations counsel to an executive or a business achiever, our strategies for effective presentations are designed to meet your individual needs.

Say "Yes!" and We're Ready to Help


  • Does public speaking make you uneasy?
  • Do you need help preparing for an investor presentation, elevator pitch, industry conference, corporate event or sales meeting?
  • Is it challenging to organize your thoughts when preparing a presentation?
  • Are your nervous habits a distraction while presenting?
  • Do you want to communicate better and build trust with your team?
Corporate Counsel:
  • Are you a corporate communications, marketing, public relations, investor relations or legal advisor to a company leader who needs presentation training, or could benefit from a refresh training session?
  • Is there a rising star on your team ready for formal presentation training?
  • Do you have a white paper Thought Leader on your team with little or no public speaking experience?
  • Is your leader's brash or boring style a turn off?
  • Does your leader have trouble commanding or connecting with the audience?
Business Achievers:
  • Have you been promoted and are expected to speak at industry conferences?
  • Are you interested in a promotion and want to perfect your presentation skills?
  • Do you want to expand your corporate responsibilities for professional growth?
  • Are you trying to advance your career, industry recognition or land a new job?
  • Are you interested in polishing your skills for effective customer, public or media contact?