A Wealth of Expertise

Robin Brown, our founder, brings a wealth of expertise to our clients with more than 20 years of communications leadership. His motto: "Whatever It Takes!"

Sparked with innovation from the start, he was selected to join the development dream team at Warner Communications to launch QUBE, the first commercial endeavor for interactive television. During his tenure, he participated in the birth of Nickelodeon programming and produced the pilot and prototype program for the launch of MTV. At Oak Media Corporation, ONTV, he directed the On-Air Advertising and Marketing activities and helped to pioneer historic Pay-Per-View Events such as The Rolling Stones, The Who and major prize fights.

At J.D. Power, an S&P Global company, he directed internal and external corporate communications, executive and employee communications and executive thought leadership initiatives. Further, he directed press release development, media relations/strategy and brand message integration supporting J.D. Power’s Voice of the Customer market insights, data and analytics and advisory services across North America, South America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Brown founded Prime Media, Inc. as a marketing and communications company serving the entertainment industry. An award-winning marketer, he spearheaded Prime Media's success in the corporate arena providing support for industry events, franchise meetings and internal sales and marketing campaigns. As his corporate client base grew and their needs evolved, Brown provided his communications, message strategy and executive training expertise for their mergers, acquisitions, private placements and IPOs. He has trained a vast array of executives from industry defining Chairmen and CEOs to noted business innovators and sector disruptors. Today, his proven communications strategy has produced some of the most successful IPOs in history.